Trevor Jackson’s New Visual “Just Friends” Takes A Twisted Turn in The Reality of Love

Trevor Jackson has always been undeniably gifted. Whether he’s on the big screen or in the booth, he delivers on every aspect of art.

The Indiana native, teased his fans about his forthcoming debut album, The Love Language, by releasing his single, “Just Friends” back in November. The single samples Usher, Lil Jon, and Ludacris’ nostalgic R&B classic “Lovers and Friends.” However, this isn’t the first time Trevor has flipped an Usher song. In his 2015 single, “Here I Come,” interpolated the harmony from “There Goes My Baby.”

In Jackson’s new single, his lyrics refer to relationships balancing between romantic and decency.

Tell me the reason, yeah. We’re not lovers just friends. Don’t tell me that you can’t see it. I know we’re just friends but be honest./ You can lie to yourself if you wanna. Them skeletons all in your closet. Just give me the key to unlock it. Look at what we’ve been through, all we’ve been through. You had my back and I had you too./ You call me ventin’ I listen to you. And you understand when she trippin’ too.”

Co-directed by Jackson and ARRAD, the “Just Friends” visual arises from the 2004 Oscar-winning film, The Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind starring Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet. The cinematic rambling tale shows Trevor struggling over a dream about a woman he craves to be more than friends with before his memory was obliterated.

The “Grown-ish” star spoke about his 14-track LP, which is set to arrive in Spring 2021, “It can be whatever those love languages mean to you, but don’t settle for anything less than that.”

He also shared details of his creative process for his music videos. “I typically come up with the videos while I’m making the song, if I can’t see myself in the video then the song doesn’t really work so I kind of do in the same time. For the Tell You The Truth video I was in the studio and a friend of mine was just kind of going in about this girl and how much he liked her and how much they get along and have good times together and how he couldn’t with for me to meet her and then she came through and I already knew who she was. It was kind of funny so I saw it as a great opportunity to make a song.”

Trevor Jackson fans can prepare for the countdown to his debut album by signing up for his Community at (765) 232-3855. On the app, Jackson will share exclusive behind the scenes footage and previews of the new music.

Be sure to check out Trevor Jackson’s new music video for his single “Just Friends” down below.

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