Toyin Aka Da Vinci: The Woman Behind “Outdoorsy Black Women”

Outdoorsy Black Women is a community created by the founder of Your Life After 25 to cultivate representation and exploration in the context of love of nature and the outdoors. When Toyin realized that she had trouble connecting with other Black women in the activities that she has grown to love; she chose to pioneer the space and opportunity.

Embodied by Leonardo Da Vinci’s positive qualities; innovation, intelligence, and free thinking, this half Nigerian and Ghanaian woman was born in London, England yet raised in Atlanta, Georgia and has come to be known as Da Vinci; a nickname given by her older sister. “Choose your life.” quoting Da Vinci, is a passage that sets forth her destiny.

Growing up, Da Vinci’s Uncle always encouraged her creative mind and academic excellence, her mother supported the entrepreneurial mindset and entrusted faith that carried her through the good and bad times in life; Da Vinci says, I’m not ashamed to admit my mistakes and trials because they are the experiences that have shaped the woman I am, surviving a suicide attempt that put me in a coma at 14, surviving rape at 18, having a lumpectomy due to a rapidly growing tumor at 19 are trials that also make it easy for me to connect with people.

In August of 2020, she created the Facebook group entitled ‘Black Women Camp’. Within 90 days, the group grew exponentially, from no members to over 1,000. After realizing that she wasn’t alone she expanded to include as many different outdoor groups as possible. The platform houses everything from runners, bikers, hikers, and many more.  In addition to creating the Outdoorsy Black Women platform, Toyin has purchased an RV with plans to travel all over the country to Black owned campgrounds, farms, and businesses, conducting interviews and showcasing the life of a Nomadic Black Woman.

“We know that this market is much bigger than companies believe it is and that representation matters. Amplifying the reach of the Your Life After 25 brand will show the millions of Black women, who appreciate the adventures brought by the outdoors, that they are not alone.”

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