Three Black Engineers Take Contactless Smart Food Lockers Nationwide Amidst Pandemic

An estimated 40% of local bars and restaurants are projected to close due to financial hardship stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic, and the Lavii Smart Locker technology is the solution with pilot success stories as evidence.

One busy day Rea Huntley, the CEO of Lavii Smart Locker, realized she had wasted 20 minutes waiting in line for an order that was already waiting on her at the register. With the help of James Bagley and Marcus Gunn, the engineers developed the solution of a better way to carry out. The Lavii Smart Locker Technology is the perfect solution for third-party delivery drivers and consumers to retrieve made-to-order meals safely, secure, and easily for take-out and for restaurants to make fast food, fast!

After a successful pilot program, Lavii Lockers have gotten amazing feedback from both the restaurants and their consumers. Since July they have serviced 6 restaurants in the Washington, D.C. area and most recently to Conroe, TX.

Learn more about Lavii Smart Locker below.

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