The Queendom Beauty Bar Strives To Spotlight Black And Brown Minority

The Queendom Beauty Bar, an inspirational women-owned business created by two friends, bolsters women empowerment and unity through on-the-go services and products created to give every woman a grand beauty experience with ease.

On February 26, The Queendom Beauty Bar has launched their first-of-its-kind beauty subscription box, The Queendom Beauty Box, kicking off Black History Month and leading into Women’s History Month when the boxes will be officially launched.

“The Queendom Beauty Box is not only a representation for Black and Brown girls, but it is a sign of hope that beauty can be however you shape it,” said co-founder, Bridgette Jones. “This box is empowering women and girls of color to not confine themselves to the negativity of the world, but to be proud to embrace who you are through self-care and beauty.”

The subscription box is curated once a quarter and features products that the co-founders use and other brands found through extensive research. It is specifically made to showcase small beauty brands created by Black and minority women. This quarter’s box features products including Afro Royalty Skincare’s lavender body butter, Black Park Skincare’s fat burning oil, Hair Scentz hair deodorizer, Dominica Duvall’s facial cleansing gel, and more.

“The box will impact the underdogs, the minority consumers, and small beauty brand owners, by giving an opportunity to cater to those that mainstream beauty typically counts out,” said co-founder, Bridgette Jones. “It will truly show that Black and Brown beauty matters.”

For every box purchased, a ‘Queen In Need’ will receive a free personal care pack. The Queendom Beauty Bar partnered with Purses With Purpose and the Julie Valentine Center, a rape crisis support organization in Greenville, South Carolina, to supply 200 women with these personal care packs, called The Crowned Case.

“The box is a symbol that Black and Brown women and girls don’t have to accept what the world offers them,” said co-founder, Valese Jones. “The Queendom will provide for the next generation. The impact I want it to have is equity for those that have been denied it for so long.”

The Queendom Beauty Box pre-launches for purchase online on Monday, February 15. There will be two options of either purchasing the yearly subscription for $125 per year or a flat fee of $35 per box. Boxes will be distributed the week of March 9.

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