The Coldest Man Alive DMP 56 Drops “Cold World”

Mississippi artists continue to shine in the south. The self-proclaimed “Coldest Man Alive” DMP 56 releases his new single ‘Cold World’ which tells a story of people pretending to live a lifestyle they’ve never experienced. His lyrics over a piano melody with angelic back vocals.

As you dive more into his lyrics, the Jackson native addresses people reaching for clout and not acknowledging them enough to mention while speaking about those being lost and turning to drugs. As well as those not feeling love and eventually become lost.

One of the lines that stood out from his single, “Hang with some trappers, but they want millions and they got visions. Ain’t nobody dumb here,” because a lot of outsiders look down on Mississippians due to how the media create stories about the Magnolia State.

Overall, “Cold World” is a single everyone should tune into and keep an eye on DMP 56. He’s about to put on for the Sip.

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