The Cast of “Death Saved My Life” Sheds Light on The Importance of This Film

Are you ready for a thriller? If you answered yes, then buckle up your seat belt because Lifetime’s original movie Death Saved My Life is about to take you on a roller coaster experience.

Meagan Good’s character, Jade, has a flourishing career in marketing and her husband, Ed, played by Chiké Okonkwo, is a loving and respected surgeon in the community. Their gorgeous daughter Kayla, played by Paris, who they both cherish and Jade’s sister Leigh, played by La’Myia Good returns back into her life after disappearing for ten years.

Jade, Ed, and Leigh all suffer from mental disorders such as depression, narcissism, and bipolar as all of their issues unfold throughout the film. Ed’s controlling and manipulative ways led his wife, Jade, to her only option: to make sure that the hitman her husband hired to kill her completes the job by making Ed believe that she is dead.

Death Saved My Life is produced by Jarrett Creative. Executive producers are Julie Insogna Jarrett, Seth Jarrett and Meagan Good. Seth Jarrett directs from a script written by Barbara Kymlicka.

During an interview with Meagan, Chiké, and La’Myia, we discuss the impact this film would have on someone who has children involved in a domestic dispute and how it affects children who witness this trauma.

“Maybe seeing it not from the point of being in it as a parent seeing what’s happening, seeing it play out. Sometimes sitting on the outside and watch it happen that can sometimes be the revaluation for some people,” said La’Myia who has two young boys.

Death Saved My Life premieres Saturday, February 13 at 8:00pm ET/PT on Lifetime.

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