Terrell Hines Shares Vibrant, Genre-Busting Pop Song “Who Do You Love?”

The Georgia-born, Los Angeles-based pop visionary Terrell Hines returns today with the colorful, genre-busting new single “Who Do You Love?.” Vibrant and bright, the track finds Hines offering a thoughtful meditation on the state of the world and pressing onward in hard times. The track is the first single from Hines’ debut album, Polyglot, due out this summer. Additionally, Netflix has used the track as the synch for their latest marketing campaign, a summer movie preview which highlights new and upcoming films releasing now through August. “Who Do You Love?” is featured in the multi-title trailer and is available to listen in full HERE.

Hines, who has collaborated with artist as varied as Beck and Vince Staples, often mixes several genres into one song, displaying a polymathic musicality honed in part through his studies on scholarship at Berklee College of Music.

Like much of Hines’ best work, “Who Do You Love?” is ecstatic and energetic, joyfully blurring sonic borders. The song opens with a glittery burst of electronics, giving way to psychedelic soul, tense funk, euphoric blues-rock, and gospel-pop anthemics, often blending all of it (and more) at once. All the while, Hines sings about an apocalyptic “war on earth” and the emotional journey people go through to transcend trying times. “So much going on can’t help myself,” he wails in the chorus. “If we’re all going down then what do you desire? I’ll take you higher.”

Though Hines’ debut album is in the works, he’s had a busy last few years. In 2020, he released his first tape Portal One: The Mixtape, a nine-track project that featured the raw energy of live instrumentation. Listen to Portal One: The MixtapeHERE. In October, he followed that release with the electrifying “We’re All Gonna Be Killed” which reflected on “the tension of 2020 so far.”

In 2019, Hines appeared on the title track to Beck’s Hyperspace album and saw a major boost after his music was used during an Apple Keynote. He’s already amassed more than 2 million streams without releasing an album or touring the U.S. With success bubbling for Hines, “Who Do You Love?” is a worthy addition to his kaleidoscopic catalog. It’s the sort of song that offers a peek into another world, and Polyglot is sure to fill out that world with yet more color and detail.

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