Teen Mom Jayniece Prichette Is Now Momager To Kid Celebrity Jai Lee and a 5x Published Author & Best Seller

Jayniece Prichette, known as J.P. Writes is a serial entrepreneur, publisher, 5x published author, and best seller on Amazon who was raised in the ghetto of New York, leaving that life behind by making the move to Atlanta, now a native decided to write about her life experiences of overcoming all obstacles set in her path to success.

A survivor of domestic violence, sexual assault, and homelessness she is well known as a momager to her kid celebrity Jai Lee. She later went on to become a cast member on a reality tv show on TLC entitled Little Miss Atlanta and featured act on Mama June reality show on WeTV.

Despite having a criminal justice degree she is driven by her faith and passion to make her dreams come true as a world-renown writer as she writes everything from books, songs, plays, scripts, etc. some of which has been featured on national platforms

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