Tamika Harden: Fitness Guru Who Survived Covid-19

Growing up in South Jamaica, Queens, Tamika Harden was no stranger to the harsh realities of inner city violence and drug abuse. Harden credits her loving mother for her strength and perseverance, to overcome many of the hardships faced growing up. Harden’s humble beginnings motivated her to strive for excellence, even at a young age.

Her own battles with childhood obesity and overcoming it have set the stage for her own platform of inspiring and helping others to transform and uplift their lives- mind and body. Utilizing her personal failures and triumphs, Tamika Harden became a life coach, in 2017. She was driven to develop a program that would specifically target and strengthen the interaction of our minds and bodies and thus, ‘BodyByTamika’ was born.

Servicing women for over 15 years, Harden’s mission is to help rebuild clients from the inside out. As a safe plastic surgery advocate she is here to promote safe aesthetic procedures, all while creating body awareness and helping to build self esteem. She gives back to my community, while uplifting the youth who suffer from lack of self worth and/or obesity.

Having faced a near death experience, her story is one of triumph, optimism, hope and strength, unlike what we are largely subjected to today i.e.; negative press, mixed messages, misinformation and dire warnings. Harden’s two adopted children and nanny have also tested positive. However, she has pushed her way through the virus with a positive mental attitude and through positive action via healthy living and wellness. 

I experienced challenges both before and after, knowing I had the virus. When I first felt symptoms, I assumed it was the flu. As my symptoms progressed, I began my quest to get tested. Due to a lack of testing sites and medical equipment in my area, I was denied twice for testing. I was successful after the 3rd attempt, which was about 10 days after the onset of symptoms. One can only imagine what could have happened during those 10 days if my body wasn’t fit to fight COVID-19. After learning I tested positive, the challenge was to protect my 2 children and nanny. I had to monitor my family daily for symptoms, all while trying to stay six-feet apart from each other while in the home, as instructed by the CDC. Keeping my family safe was a challenge but by God’s grace, we are all well now. Quarantining for 14 days after testing positive was also a challenge. I couldn’t leave my home even for essential items.

She has recovered and aims to assist those in the fight against COVID19, through wellness and fitness. 

Mentally, I had to remain strong. This pandemic has not only impacted my family, but it has also impacted my finances and my business. Even on my hardest days, I knew I had to wipe my tears and fight. I also had something to fight for, My life and my children’s lives were spared. We were safe and for this, I was extremely grateful. Financial gains can come and go, but you only get one life. Spiritually I’ve gained more gratitude and a deeper understanding of my purpose. We can choose to take action and begin to live a healthier lifestyle. You never know how strong you are until strong is the only choice you have.

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