Soulful Singer/Songwriter Kareen Lomax Has No Hard Feelings on Earnest New EP

Impassioned singer/songwriter-to-watch Kareen Lomax (pronounced kah-ren) delivers her stunning 7-track project Hard Feelings alongside cheeky new visual for single “GET RIGHT.

Hard Feelings is an honest and uplifting soundtrack to Kareen’s own little world that was inspired by her brush with fame and the belief that it was over. After living the rose-tinted life of a hotly-tipped pop newcomer in 2016, gaining hundreds of thousands of listeners overnight thanks to a $50 Facebook ad for past single “Melatonin,” she lost sight of why she began making music to start with and returned to her hometown to be a dog groomer, picking up her life where she left it years before.

Then came a chance discovery from Diplo in 2019 which led to her rich vocals and stunning songwriting to be featured on Platinum breakout hit “Looking For Me” with Diplo and British producer Paul Woolford. The single peaked at #4on the UK Singles Chart and #18 on Billboard’sDance Chart, both huge milestones for the artist. She also secured her first major songwriter placement and RIAA Gold certification last year with Maroon 5’s “Nobody’s Love. Now, 2021 is set to be Kareen Lomax’s second coming.

“There was a period of time where I was going through setback after setback in my career, life, and relationships . I felt like the world had me fucked all the way up, and I quickly developed a chip on my shoulder towards life and the music industry. I made these songs on the Hard Feelings EP because I had to. Each song was like it’s own therapy session for me to get through that time,” said Kareen Lomax.

Hard Feelings represents her life coming full circle, back to where it all began and back to what she loves most. Recording sessions in the city and a remote cabin in the mountains of Georgia ushered in Kareen’s new project, a shimmering, spell-binding R&B masterpiece that is her best yet.

The accompanying music video for “GET RIGHT” also holds deep meaning for the Atlanta-born artist as the song is laced with hard-learned life lessons “about a toxic relationship with someone else that actually revealed an unhealthy relationship that I had with myself,” Kareen says. “For the “GET RIGHT” video, I had the idea of having a hotline call center where people are calling in with their “problems” looking for a quick fix. Each caller quickly realizes that every solution to their problems is already within them.


  1. Hard Feelings
  2. No Regrets
  3. Big Facts
  5. How Do You Sleep
  6. Let It Go
  7. Real Life

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