Shelly Murdock’s “Fit 2 Flaunt” App Encourages Women To Reinvent Their Confidence

Shelly Murdock was always a person to give something that piqued her interest a chance. In the middle of her college career, she saw an ad for the US Military, looked at the perks, and evaluated its pros and cons. She decided to join the Air Force.

Things moved pretty fast, and her time in the military came to an end; she became an exotic dancer to help pay to finish her degree. After she graduated, she realized that she enjoyed the art of pole dancing and wanted to try and have a physical location where she and other women could train and focus on it as a sport. It awakened a passion in her.

Shelly believes that women have to stop accepting the negative thoughts surrounding the sport. She feels that the main benefit of pole dancing is how rewarding it is, both physically and emotionally. It’s challenging to have the patience and the strength to carry on and finally nail that routine can be very fulfilling, as well as knowing you have an entire network of women behind you, supporting you every step of the way. It can feel like a tight-knit family, and many people surprisingly don’t have that in their lives, which does wonders for their confidence once they do.

She knows that Pole dancing is very empowering as you get to reinvent yourself as confident and sexy. It’s incredibly satisfying once you’ve learned a new technique or routine, and if you’re persistent with it, the boost you’ll see in your strength and endurance will be noticeable. You’re also surrounded by women that have your back every step of the way, there for you if you fall, and more than glad to offer their advice if you have any questions.

Shelly and her Fit 2 Flaunt team reach women globally with the Fit 2 Flaunt mobile app. The app’s great thing is that it’s super easy for anyone to download the app and immediately begin practicing pole fitness from home, even if they have no prior experience. They already have proof of concept, with thousands of women worldwide interested in getting the app and their own pole to begin their journeys, sharing each step they made with us along the way. However, it’s more than just a pole dancing app, as Fit 2 Flaunt is a community of people helping each other to be the best they can be by helping men and women embrace themselves and be okay with the skin they’re in. The app shows you how to flaunt your stuff, with the only real downside being a person’s motivation to keep on it since no one is physically there with them to help push them. Shelly believes the community aspect of the app helps with that as well.

Like the app, Shelly’s Fit to Flaunt Foundation is all about the sense of community we strive to create and maintain. What other fitness business can you name that provides an entire community to support you with whatever you’re going through in life? For her, it’s all about the Flaunter Community coming together to support the Flaunter community. When she says flaunter, she doesn’t necessarily mean someone who’s on the app or constantly practicing on the poll, but someone who is actively supporting other women however they can, whether it be in person or over social media.

The Fit 2 Flaunt Foundation has given away nine 250 dollar grants to those in need for them to get back on their feet. They also established a Valentine’s Day grant for single mothers this year. They gave four mothers 700 dollars to spend on whatever they’d like for themselves, as well as giving out three handmade baskets with spa items to spoil themselves with and a 100 dollar gift card for them to spend on whatever they’d like or need.

Shelly shares her advice on starting your own business. “I know it’s scary, and there can be many unknowns, but if you are doing something from the heart and something you’re passionate about, you’ll be successful. Just take the first step, focus, and the rest will come.”

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