Shayla Varnado Brings Black Girl Magic Alive In The World Of Wine

After countless girls nights, indulging in the richest experiences, and sipping decadence from the dreamiest of places, Shayla Varnado decided it was time to bring Black Girl Magic alive in the world of wine.

Shayla Varnado is the woman behind the glass. After thoroughly enjoying her twenties, Shayla decided that there had to be more to experience, more to enjoy, and more to share for women who desire luxury in every day living. Whether it’s having a glass of wine with girlfriends, relaxing after work, or simply toasting to success there must be a place where both the woman and her passions are celebrated. After an unsuccessful hunt for something fabulous that celebrated her love for wine and connecting with other successful women she decided to create a space that would educate and inspire black women around the world.

Black Girls Wine was born in October 2016 and has been growing ever since. The weekly Wednesday show #WineDownLive on Facebook and Instagram gives viewers a chance to grow their palate by getting first-hand reviews from her! It’s been the catalyst to so many other things the brand now offers like the Black Girls Wine Society!

The sisterhood she’s building provides connection and celebrates our culture but also education for this industry. Black Girls Wine and many other emerging lifestyle brands are showing the wine industry that we too have diverse palates and would love to be included!

Continue To Be A Culture Shifter!