Romero Jadotte: The True Visual Artist

Romero Jadotte, born and raised in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, has taken his passion for art and opened his own production company called Long Live The Dream of Productions. Working in many different fields of art, Jadotte has built a household name and eventually wants to break into the film industry. Romero Jadotte spoke about his latest projects, photoshoots, production company, and more.

TCC: Tell me about your background?

Romero: I was born and raised in Ft Lauderdale, Florida to Haitian parents. They came into America in the ’80s with four kids in my family, and was separated by 13 years. I had a good childhood. I loved being outside, playing video games, and doing sports. I’ve always enjoyed storytelling as an aspect of art. With all my art, I try to tell a story.

TCC: What did you study in college? Major? University/College?

Romero: FIU major was psychology with a minor in marketing. I wasn’t initially into art.

TCC: Before you found an interest in the arts, what were you focused on?

Romero: I was interested branching out into government and trying to help people. Eventually, get down to working with Technology. There are many different aspects we can use to help change and create jobs for people. You have to think beyond art, use it as a stepping stone to change.

TCC: Tell me about your brands/businesses? How did you start them and why? When did you

Romero: Long Live The Dream of Productions. Dreams have always been very pivotal in me. A lot of ideas come from my dreams. I started it back in 2015, and as time goes along, I see the
significance. The name I gave it filled itself in. I dream, and then I write it down. The title ironically just worked. Future business for me I want to start a company where you can rent
equipment and also learn more about art and provide a product more people need.

TCC: What are your goals for yourself and your business? Short-term? Long-term?

Romero: Short-Term goal for myself is to be more disciplined with me and my business. We live in a time where there are a lot of distractions around. Learn how to quiet the distractions and stay focused. Life’s going to throw things at you, and you have to remain focused on the goal. Eventually long term, I want to break into film. I wish to agave an award wining film and win an oscar. Also, start a business where I can bring more tv or film jobs to south Florida.

TCC: What made you want to create your brand? How did you come up with the name of your

Romero: Oddly enough, growing up, the biggest thing I struggled with was finding a job. Being 15 and 16, I filled out so many job applications and never got a callback. It was the same thing in college, not being able to find employment.

TCC: What projects are you currently working on? What is the future for your brand?

Romero: I’m in a planning phase. I am getting back into screenwriting and working on getting my short films on, and by the end of the year, start shooting and casting, working on a photography book poetry.

TCC: Who is your inspiration? What inspires you?

Romero: My biggest inspiration is my parents being able to sacrifice coming from a country that didn’t have many opportunities or chances, just seeing them overcoming so many things coming from a different country. It creates a drive in me as I can do it.

TCC: What is one of your most significant accomplishments? What has been your most memorable moment since starting your business?

Romero: It’s more the growth and personal development that has occurred. It’s all about where you used to be compared to where you are—not quitting through adversity. This is what my work use to look like and where it’s going now.

TCC: Any influencers, celebrities, or brands you want to work with or collaborate with?

Romero: Big brands like NIKE, Gucci, Supreme, and Saint Laurent People. Filmmakers like Quinton Tartrinno, Christopher Nolan, James Cameron, Martin Scorsese. My favorite film creators and learn more about their filmmaking process.

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