Premiere Of “One More Flip”At Emagine Royal Oak Starring Mena Monroe, Sada Baby & More!

Chedda Boy Films, (LLC) January 31st,2021 Chedda Boy Films founder, Kwende Ried and producer, Ronnie Kirk announced the official premiere date for the much-anticipated film “One More Flip”. Kwende is an proven executive with broad experience in nearly every aspect of the entertainment
business. Returning to film after a 19 year hiatus, the last film for the independent black-owned company being “Envy” (2000).

Returning with Kwende, is Jeffery T. Brown as the Co-Director and Director Of Photography of “One More Flip”. Bringing a uniquely poetic visual that embraces the beauty of Detroit that most Detroiters often take for granted. The premiere of One More Flip marks the first time an independent film company sells out Emagines entire theater capacity. While following procedures and safety aligned with Governor Whitmore’s, COVID guidelines. Chedda Boy Films, strives for to provide moviegoers with an unprecedent cultural and enlighten experience.

“One More Flip is a multi-layered film that has broadened and complicated itself in my mind, the longer I have lived with the project. Urban films are often viewed as negative by some, as it deals in subject matters such as drugs, and murders in the black community. My goal is never to glorify the plights in our inner cities however, we refuse to ignore them as well. In searching for a better future in a world that can be seen as unfamiliar, threatening, and something to be feared. To me, it shows bravery and resilience, surviving and battling systems that strategically repress any form of “otherness,” and the journey it took to get there. Detroit culture is made up of that “otherness”, you hear it every time you listen to an artist from Detroit. Artist like Sada Baby, Streetlord Rook, and Payroll Giovanni often tell stories about p perseverance through struggles plaguing the black community and that is what we want to glorify in this film.” – Ronnie Kirk

“A testament to the studio’s strength and ability to attract great talent is it’s cast.
Mena Monroe is an extraordinary, talented, leader on the project. It was an easy call
choosing her as the lead role in the fil. She is a great person to work with on a
production her work ethic is exceptional. The role demanded a great deal – long
nights and early mornings. I look forward to seeing her continued growth it’s exciting
for our company to contribute to her career progression.”

Chedda Boy Films currently produces a wide array of films with 5 more productions scheduled for 2021 and has been awarded with industry top honors from multiple film festivals. Productions currently scheduled include, Off The Porch, Streetlordz Documentary Thank The Lordz, Street Lordz Original Chedda Boyz the series, Doctor Nepal.

At Chedda Boy Films, the company is formulating growth initiatives, including those in streaming and new technology. They hoped to guide the company’s distribution company to connect more independent films to streaming services such as Hulu, Roku, Netflix, Tubi, and various other platforms. As well as guide lengthy theater runs throughout the country with other independent filmmakers.

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