Otis Kane Paints Us ‘Purple BLUE’ With Passionate Debut Album

R&B virtuoso Otis Kane delivers long-awaited debut album Purple BLUE, out now on all platforms. The project is heavy on soul and funk with a touch of sweet psychedelia, highlighting Otis’ own production prowess.  

“This album is truly a step into my world. Every song is a reflection of my life, all of the music a representation of my taste, and what moves me. Starting with the intro, my goal was to set a tone of free creative expression. Then take listeners on a journey through love, fun, insecurity, human nature, revolution, and back to love. All while diving in and out of Funk, Pop, Soul, Rock, and Blues inspired musical backdrops. If you listen from top to bottom, you can feel how the music and the stories exist together like different scenes of the same movie. I had so much fun creating this body of work, and I’m so excited to share it with the world,” said Otis Kane.

The producer-turned-artist has quickly gained traction this year, frequently topping major playlists like Spotify’s “Alternative R&B,” “The Newness,” “Channel X” and more with every release. Recently honored as one of ten artists onSoundCloud’s “First On SoundCloud” 2021 Campaign, Otis has been widely embraced since his initial debut last year with critically acclaimed EPs Therapy and Growing Pains earning the LA born-and-bred artist nearly 10 million streams to date from a fast-growing, dedicated fanbase. 

Otis Kane has spent most of his career working as a producer and songwriter for some of music’s very best, including Pink Sweat$, Zara LarrsonJulia MichaelsWiz KhalifaThe Jonas Brothersand more while racking up dozens of sync placements including Queen SugarAll RiseAll AmericanGood Troubleand Hair Love.

But it took Otis the right moment to step out of his comfort zone and into his own voice. Growing towards a pinnacle in his production and songwriting career, Otis recognized that he had to make a decision. He had spent so many years fighting the urge to step into his own artistry. In August 2020, Otis finally listened and released his debut single “Therapy.”

Otis Kane now breathes new life into today’s music scene with his passionate and honest releases that have come to encapsulate modern romance with smooth vocals and sultry lyricism. 

Purple BLUE Tracklist 

  1. Purple BLUE (Intro)
  2. Sweet Sensation
  3. Lost
  4. Good Love (ft. KALLITECHNIS)
  5. Perfect
  6. All I Need (Interlude)
  7. Fell Into It (ft. Chloe Angelides)
  8. Can’t Stay Away
  9. Run (Prologue)
  10. Run
  11. Angel
  12. Keeps Me Going
  13. Without You

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