Obasi Jackson Sits Down w/ Inside Edition For An Exclusive Update, One Year After Pop Smoke’s Passing

One year later, Obasi Jackson, the older brother of the late Pop Smoke, reveals how he and his parents are doing one year later. In an exclusive sit-down with Inside Edition, hosted by Stephanie Officer, Obasi opens up about his emotions, memories of his brother, his mental health, and more. Obasi also shares his love for R&B and Soul as he sets out to create a musical legacy of his own.

“Don’t look for him to mimic his little brother’s sound. He’s more focused on R&B and Neo-Soul.” – Stephanie Officer (host) 

“That’s why I’m trying to bring R&B back. Not saying that it’s dead and that people aren’t doing it but I want it to be cool.” – Obasi Jackson

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