New Black-Owned Fitness Brand, Cycmode, Introduces An Immersive And Integrated Fitness Experience For The Culture

Inspired by cinema, music video experiences and interactive gaming, CYCMODE is a boutique group fitness studio offering multiple fitness offerings under one roof—indoor cycling, strength training, and yoga. CYCMODE offers up to 8 live and live-stream workouts per day led by CYCMODE’s team of top fitness professionals. 

CYCMODE believes a proper mindset (or #MODE) is key to achieving fitness goals. From the moment a new member walks in the door, clients are instructed to define their “MODE.” Whether it’s #GetFitMODE, #BadassMODE, etc., CYCMODE wants clients to own their fitness journey by putting their #MODE to it.

The first floor indoor cycling studio features 35-bikes and a wall-to-wall massive 60-foot wide curved video screen set in a cycling theatre.  Workouts such as THE TRIP™ give riders the sensation of climbing and sprinting through digitally-created worlds paired with indoor cycling bikes that mimic a real bike allowing riders to lean, turn and steer.  CYCMODE also offers themed fitness experiences such as their signature MUSIC VIDEO RIDES, which features a CYCMODE Instructor and your favorite music artist and video– like Atlanta’s own Ludacris, Usher, TI, Migos, Future, Outkast and Ciara – to name a few. It is the ultimate immersive fitness party, with the added benefit of burning serious calories. 

“Without experiencing it, when we mention we’re immersive, most clients immediately envision we’re cycling wearing a VR headset. That’s not needed here. Once on the bike and with coaching from CYCMODE Instructors, riders are immediately swept into the workout experience and begin leaning into turns, ducking under bridges or doing power climbs to music videos like Cardi B, which adds even more intensity to an already powerful workout,” said Tasha White, founder/CEO.

A separate multi-purpose studio on the mezzanine-level features a 40-foot wide video screen and offers a variety of fitness MODES such as HIITMODE, YOGAMODE, and TEAMMODE.  HIITMODE—a circuit workout designed to help participants get lean and toned using battle ropes, kettlebells, TRX, Smart Bars and more; YOGAMODE—an upbeat and uplifting yoga flow focused on enhancing endurance, strength and flexibility; and TEAMMODE— a virtual or in-studio corporate team building experience that promotes individual wellbeing and creates an environment that fosters increased team effectiveness.

In-studio, digital, and on-demand fitness solutions are available for Atlanta-based and digital clients around the world and indoor cycling bikes are available for at-home purchase. To learn more about their fitness offerings and workout packages, visit

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