Meet The Visionary Artrepreneur Behind Karizma Visuals Production

Nakia Dixon is a photographer, artist, filmmaker, and entrepreneur. He started his own business Karizma Visuals Production, in 2011. Nakia has become a one-stop shop for all media; working with brand names and multiple artists, Nakia has created his lane in the media production industry. Working on his latest projects, Nakia is looking to expand Karizma Visuals Production and open various production houses all over the country.

TCC: Tell me about your background?

Nakia: I’m a first-generation Jamaican American. Both of my parents are Jamaican. I started in web design in high school and moved into graphic design in college. My summer job was taking pictures of children, and that got me into photography. I worked in retail for four years.

TCC: What did you study in college? Major? University/College?

Nakia: I went to community college and majored in graphic design and minored in public speaking. I dropped out of BCU with a 3.4 GPA, and then later attended the Art Institute
of FT Lauderdale before it was closed down.

TCC: What industry are you in?

Nakia: Photography, film, and music. I’m also a drummer. I was raised in the church, which I always wanted to play in a band. I haven’t tapped into real estate or the food business, but I will be soon. I plan on creating Caribbean smoothies and dishes inspired by my culture and upbringing.

TCC: Tell me about your brands/businesses? How did you start them and why? When did you start?

Nakia: My brand started in 2011; that’s when it was established. As a kid, I always took pictures on family vacations, and It stems from my mom. I also got tired of working retail, I’m trying to hold myself down, and I decided to create something for myself. I got fired for attending my grandmother’s funeral. I took a picture when I was out to lunch with a friend, and the company saw that as me skipping work. I worked at 7/11 for a year, and I met Pat Riley, and meeting him made me want better.

TCC: What are your goals for yourself and your business? Short-term? Long-term?

Nakia: My goals for me I want to educate and help other creators because when I was coming
up, no one helped me. My long-term and big dream are to build or create a grant and put a film auditory at my old high school. I want to give back to my community.

TCC: What made you want to create your brand? How did you come up with the name of your business?

Nakia: Karizma Visuals Media, the name came from, which describes me as outspoken creative. It’s a cohesive thing, and I represent my Caribbean side. Riz or Rizzy, all of my friends called me that, so I thought it made sense.

TCC: What are your many roles?

Nakia: I have many roles. I am a film producer, editor, photographer, director of photography, cook, drummer, camera operator, graphic design, and web design—all things media.

TCC: What projects are you currently working on? What is the future for your brand?

Nakia: I’m working on a documentary for Block 125. Also, a flow documentary for South Florida.
I want Karizma Visuals Media to be the go-to for all media purposes. I want to be like Dukey Duke and Jacob Owens. The goal is to be a big entertainment person, build a strong team, and have production homes in Los Angeles, New York, ATL, and Florida.

TCC: Who is your inspiration? What inspires you?

Nakia: My parents because their work ethic, consistency, how hard they work, and how they
network with other people, and I wouldn’t be here without them. My parents didn’t believe in me when I first started, but now they see I’m successful and are interested in my work”
“Always searched for the approval of my parents.”

TCC: What is one of your greatest accomplishments? What has been your most memorable moment since starting your business?

Nakia: I would say moving through Jamaica with Grabba Leaf, working with Farruko and Larry Over. Also, I got to work at the Presidente Festival in the Dominican Republic with over 100,000
people. I got to go to Spain, and it opened my eyes to visuals. My most significant was getting the keys to my studio in august 2020.

TCC: Any influencers, celebrities or brands you want to work with or collaborate with?

Nakia: For producers, definitely Alchemist and Metro Boomin. Creatives-wise, Cam Kirk from ATL and Spike Lee. Companies like Nike because of its worldwide, NFL, NBA, Rhianna, Savage Fenty, Burberry. The High fashion designer Le Premier Miami. Film companies like paramount studios, Tyler Perry Studios, Lions Gate, Blank Square Productions, Sam Brady. Athletes like Simone Biles.

TCC: Is there anything else you would like to mention?

Nakia: I want to learn how to build relationships with artists and maintain them by expanding my
network. I want to get into sports photography and film. I would love to see South Florida come together and do a creative project” because I want to see better for my city, and I’ll never turn down anyone from my city.

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