Mamii Gets Real On Ethereal New Single “Unwary”

Indiana-bred singer/songwriter and producer Mamii announces her forthcoming deluxe repackaging of her EP Black Phoeniix, due out this August, and continues her unique take on R&B with celestial new single “Unwary.The orchestral production adds drama to her vocal performance and highlights the poetic nature of her lyrics. Dripping with lush harmonies and heart-tugging ad-libs, lines like “I’ve been living this way just to get a reaction out of you” hit all that much harder.

“”Unwary” tells the story of an individual that’s gotten so comfortable in a miserable relationship that they don’t want to leave because of fear of loneliness. They don’t want to be hurt again but they’re willing to take the pain to make it work. “Mamii

Mamii is a 20-year-old singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist from Hammond, Indiana. Hailing from a musical family, Mamii grew up singing and playing instruments in church and at home, and these experiences continue to shape her writing process. Both nostalgic and futuristic, her music weaves elements of R&B, funk, gospel, and alt-rock into an eclectic soundscape that inspires introspection and celebration.

Refusing to be tied to a single genre, Mamii experiments with avant-garde elements in a way you wouldn’t expect in her highly anticipated debut EP, Black Phoeniix, released March 2021.

Mamii’s 2020 EP Blonde Boy was featured on Spotify’s Fresh Finds and Apple’s New in R&B playlists, and she has quickly earned the attention of artists such as Jacob Collier, Omar Apollo, Smino, Baby Rose, and Syd, whom she lent vocals to for recent single “Fast Car. Mamii’s last single “Intimate” also recently topped Apple Music’s Soulection playlist.

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