Latina Celebrity Makeup Artist Lina Zuniga Launches A Makeup Lovers Dream

Celebrity makeup artist, and beauty educator Lina Zuniga is set to release her highly anticipated Makeup Hand Palette. A unique hand designed palette developed as an aid in mixing makeup creams, and creating custom colors with foundations, lipsticks, & more.

The makeup hand palette allows you to freely mix your makeup products, prevent contamination, and enjoy stain-free makeup application. The pallets were designed to and ensure the hygienic makeup experience which is essential in today’s world where health and sanitation have become of extreme importance. 

A professional tool to make your everyday makeup routine; neat, long lasting & more effective. With over 10 years of experience makeup guru Zuniga, has put great thought into both the logic & ideal target market of her soon to be released “beauty junkie” must have item.

“My thought process when creating the hand palette was to make it seamless for my fellow makeup industry colleagues, but also to encourage the everyday women to refine her makeup daily ritual a bit,” she added.

Zuniga has also expanded her career into an educational aspect to provide real beauty education to aspiring and professional makeup artists. Zingua has created an E-book to not only display how to apply makeup but the transition from being unemployed to a 6-figure salary as a makeup artist. 

As a celebrity makeup artist Lina has worked with A list celebrities including Ashanti, Cardi B & Becky G to name a few. Her makeup skills, and beauty tips are endless, unmatched customer service & provides an alluring glow to women all over the country. 

A true beauty enthusiast Lina also owns her self entitled 3D luxury mink lash line collection, Lina Zingua, and is currently working on her first eBook, which will be comprised of her first rated beauty tricks, product favorites & unique makeup education tips.

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