Lamman Rucker Talks ‘Bad Dad Rehab: The Next Session’

Happy Father’s Day weekend! TV One’s anticipated film BAD DAD REHAB: THE NEXT SESSION comes to your home screen this Sunday.

Building off of the success of the franchise’s first production, Bad Dad Rehab, the film features a brand-new cast that includes legendary rapper Antonio “Big Daddy Kane” Hardy, Lamman Rucker, Blue Kimble, Onyekwere Eme-Akwari, Carlo Mendez, and Chrystale Wilson.

BAD DAD REHAB: THE NEXT SESSION follows the new class of Bad Dads hailing from Jersey City, New Jersey who must confront their personal demons affecting their ability to become better dads. The plight of the casts takes the viewers through a host of different experiences that resonate with many families. From befriending children rather than disciplining them to repairing an estranged father-daughter relationship, BAD DAD REHAB: THE NEXT SESSION gives a humorous yet relatable lens into this popular narrative.

TCC host, Driune Santana spoke with Lamman Rucker about how this film will affect those who do not have a positive relationship with their father or those will be fatherless on Father’s Day.

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