Kyle Anfernee of ‘The Neighborhood Talk’ Is The Most Talked About Platform of 2021

Born in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, Kyle Anfernee is making his way in the entertainment industry. In 2016, he graduated from Pepperdine University with a degree in Broadcast Journalism. While at Pepperdine, he began interning for the now popular blog, “The Shade Room,” back in 2015 and eventually became apart of the team as the senior editor and red carpet correspondent up until his departure in December 2018. He has interviewed various of celebrities from Halle Berry, Jada Pinkett Smith, and Nicki Minaj just to name a few.

Kyle Anfernee is becoming a household name in the media and blogging sector. As the founder of the Neighborhood Talk, he is using his platform to make sure black culture and content has a place to survive daily in a tasteful manner. Having worked with the likes of Nicki Minaj, The Real, and The Shade Room, he is one of the biggest bloggers in the game, using social media as his catalyst. As he continues to be a voice in the media sector, he has plans to take the Neighborhood brand as far as he can.

“I started working in media back in 2015, and started my own media platform three years later which is unbelievable. I never would have thought in million years that this was something I would be doing or even was capable off. I decided to launch “The Neighborhood Talk” because I knew no other job would allow me to have the same type of freedom I had at my previous job, in terms of moving up the ladder really quickly, after being let go. I also wanted to create an media outlet that was for the black community, but in a comedic funny entertaining way. A place where you can come read the tea but also leave laughing as well.”

Although having a media platform of your own can be exciting, there are some challenges that Kyle has faced since starting his company. “Some downfalls I’ve experienced since having my own media outlet is having the page deleted twice, and having to start completely over at 0. The most challenging one yet is getting the Instagram page verified. For some odd reason, Instagram will not verify the page and it’s been a hassle trying to meet their requirements. For example, someone might tell me I need a Wikipedia page, then it becomes a hassle trying to find an individual who will create one for us. It’s hard trying to find people that will actually help you because they want to see you win.”

In 2020, the pandemic hit a lot of entrepreneurs hard, but not Kyle. “The pandemic didn’t affect our outlet in terms of building because it’s online, but it allowed us to connect with more people and grow our following because more and more people were just sitting at home. We found different things to entertain our audience during that tough time.”

Kyle’s end goal for “The Neighborhood Talk” is to be essentially get the page verified to secure the account and lock it down. But the main goal is just to keep growing and continuing to be a place for the black community, that focuses on other topics besides just news. When you leave our blog I want you to have taken something away from it, something meaningful.

For any one interested in writing for his outlet, you would need to have several things in order to be considered. Must have a college degree in the field of journalism, or currently in the process. Applicants also will need to know how to write in timely manner but in a way that connects to the readers.

If any brand, companies, or celebrities would like to make contact  or purchase a shout-out on The Neighborhood Talk’s platform all they have to do is email and our person who handles our ad inquires will respond to all requests within 24hrs.

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