King JBoi Releases An Emotional Visual To “My Heart In It”

King JBoi rosed to fame in 2012 with his debut project titled “Thirsty.” As he continued to make a name for himself, the Memphis native used his personal experiences to influence his passion for the art of rap and hip-hop music. Before his music career, JBoi founded L.i.E., meaning Loyalty is Everything. In 2010, he rebranded the organization by renaming it L.i.E. Entertainment.

Three years later, JBoi released his mixtape “Street Prophecy,” followed by a series of NBA themed mixtapes, such as “Lebron James” and “Wilson Chandler” in 2015, “Scottie Pippen,” “Sixth Man of the Year,” and “Final Four” in 2016.

The Billboard charted artist releases the official video for his new song “My Heart In It” from the upcoming project “Suburban Music.” This song is enriched with passion and pain simultaneously as he talks about his journey navigating through the music industry. Suffering significant losses over the past 12 months, including the death of his mother, he seems to now have another level of determination within him that is clear when he says, “you see all of the pain, I did it alone, you know I deserve it!”

The video begins and ends with recordings of his mother that will strike emotions in anyone familiar with the story. King JBoi deviated from his norm by directing and producing his music video, filmed in Los Angeles, California. Visually, the video has very colorful lighting alluding to passion, along with flashbacks of older videos and interviews of the young King JBoi. The visual captures the genuine emotions of the song that could be relatable to anyone who may have gone through things in pursuit of a dream.

Check out King JBoi’s “My Heart In It” below.

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