Keri Hilson Shares Her Go-To Guide On Making Smarter Decisions on Life and Love

Sometimes love comes around and knocks us down. However, if we continue to allow love to take all of our energy then when will we have time to focus on our pretty girl rock?

Keri Hilson said it best and her character Mykah was completely turned off by the thought of getting back into the dating world. TV One’s new original film, Don’t Waste Your Pretty, based off the titular novel penned by award-winning author and media personality Demetria L. Lucas, follows follows a group of tightly knit friends as they sort out their turbulent life issues and love lives – always turning to one another to figure out their next move when jobs, romance or family interactions prove more complicated than they had ever anticipated.

During an exclusive interview with the cast of DWYP, featuring Keri Hilson, Redaric Williams and Deborah Joy Winans. Hilson spoke with Driune Santana about her go-to guide on how she makes smarter decisions on life and love.

Don’t Waste Your Pretty premieres Sunday, February 28 at 8:00pm ET/PT on Lifetime.

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