Kam Kalloway and Kayo Genesis on Being the New Blueprints as the Bad Boys of Alternative Rap

From the Hollywood screens to the Hollywood studios, Kam Kalloway is tackling the Hollywood Hills to carve himself a new lane. One that has been near and dear to his heart… first love, music. Inspired by the energy and charisma of 1920’s artist “Cab Calloway,” Kam Kalloway received his name from his ability to navigate in larger rooms. Networking his way through a crowd, which is how he plans to maneuver with the release of his new music with a few assists from his heavy hitting industry alliances. Raised on the likes of NWA,Kalloway has found himself in a several historic events one being alongside Lil Nate Dogg as the two collaborated on the hit single “Work Is Bae” in honor of the late iconic West Coast rapper, Nate Dogg.

Most known for his portrayal of DJ Speed in the 2015 blockbuster, “Straight Outta Compton,” a film that shares the rise and fall of one of the greatest West Coast groups of all time and its transformation of the hip- hop culture, NWA, impacted Kalloway’s passion for music in ways he could not even begin to imagine which has heavily influence his music. Taking on the music industry from behind the scenes as a songwriter, Kalloway has inked hits with artists such as Kehalani, Trey Songz, Sabi, Chryistina Sayers and more.

After working with acts such as Amine, Buddy, and Leon Thomas, Kalloway co-created the hit record “Honestly” (which has since hit 1M+ streams collectively) with the intention of shining light on some of the disingenuous experiences that he and fellow 2020 Gold label artist, Kayo Genesis (who serves as a director and editor of Riveting Entertainment) have come across in the entertainment industry. Now eager to tell his story through the eyes as an artist centerstage, Kalloway will take you on a virtual journey of some of his most life changing moments displayed through his music.

Kalloway is currently working on his debut project which is set to debut later this year with guest appearances from Leon Thomas, Camp Rock, Jharrel Jerome and more. With new records featuring his partner in crime, Kayo Genesis, this Hip-Hop duo is delivering a new blueprint for others to draw from as they incorporate their film and acting backgrounds along with fashion and style to produce top tier music productions in video form. With joint records such as “Honestly” and “Win Win Situation,” Kalloway is using his musical talents to introduce not just his music but his eye as a director in film with the develop of his own film division, Kalloway Filmz.

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