Jessica Kidd Makes Being A Bombshell A Lifestyle

Jessica Kidd began her journey in the hair industry at the young age of 19. As a child Jessica was always intrigued by the women in her life who were seamstresses and beauticians, where she believes her passion for beauty and fashion developed. Upon her high school graduation, Jessica had completed all requirements, and was an eligible candidate for a Cosmetology license. She received her Cosmetology License a year later in 2004. Jessica graduated from Morgan State University, with a degree in Public Relations, in 2009. She uses P.R. to explore the fields of beauty and to its fullest potential, while applying key public relations principles and practices.

After living in Atlanta for almost three years, Jessica returned back to her hometown in 2011. Arriving on Baltimore soil, she hit the ground running, relaunching her brand with everything she learned during her stay in Georgia.

Seeing the growing demand for trichologists in her area, Jessica became certified in Hair Loss in 2016. She creates her own line of hair elixirs and in salon herbal treatments to help clients suffering from dry, damaged, and thinning hair. Her natural products are retailed at House Of Bombshell as well as the salon’s compete line of hair care that includes popular hair products include her assortment of Hair Elixirs which help promote growth and the Laid Control Paste (Edge Control) which makes sure can be used as an edge control and to tame flyaways. In addition to her amazing suite of hair care products, her clients also rave about her athleisure apparel and accessories that are bold, fashionable and unapologetic. Jessica recently released a Vegan Leather Croc Print Bombshell Bag that helps any bombshell on the go travel in style.

Jessica has created an amazing suite of products ensuring that her clients are living the Bombshell lifestyle beyond the salon chair. Her collection focuses on products that help care for the hair in between appointments. The multi-faceted lifestyle entrepreneur just launched her latest hair care product, Rose Glow Hair Rinse, last month on Valentine’s Day which is available on House of Bombshell now!

She noticed the lack of diversity equity and inclusion within the hair industry, Jessica launched a social media movement, #blackcoloristsmatter in 2020. The Black Colorists Matter platform was created to be the vehicle for deeper engagement amongst Black artists and an educational platform to advance the artistry and technical skill of hair color within the professional Black hair industry.

Jessica often instills the importance of continuing education and higher learning in her team and those around her. She is currently pursuing a Masters in Strategic Communication which she hopes will take her career in beauty to new and unparalleled levels. She looks forward to nurturing new stylists and mentoring them as they grow in their careers. Seeing new and seasoned talent bloom into their greatest selves under her mentorship and coaching has been fulfilling. Now, as a Senior Cosmetologist, she looks forward to apprenticing aspiring Cosmetologists, growing her assistant program and the House of Bombshell brand!

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