Jackie Matikas: The Entrepreneur Who Used Her Visionary To Create Pretty In Ink

As a millennial mother of two, and social butterfly, Jackie Matikas manages to do it all. How? Her hustle. She has fearlessly built her brand on little sleep and lots of rule-breaking. She leveraged her skills to claim her space as a social influencer and is constantly looking to establish meaningful relationships with other go-getters.

If you ask Jackie what her favorite part of entrepreneurship is, it would be – freedom. She loves the ability to work on the go and is the woman, in the corner of ballet class, rooting her children on with a laptop and a smile. You must agree, it doesn’t get any better than that.

Jackie Matikas is a philanthropist, entrepreneur, and owner of Pretty in Ink Tattoos, an upscale, women-owned and operated tattoo shop located in Bowie, MD. Pretty in Ink Tattoos challenges the masculine identity that tattoo shops have by creating a “less grudge, more glitter” experience and promoting a healing environment through incorporating crystals, sound bowls, and colorful decor.

Everyone’s favorite question to ask while getting tattooed is asking Jackie how did she get started. She shares “It’s a pretty funny story actually. I’ve been an artist my entire life as far back as I can remember. I come from a family of artists–so drawing is in my DNA.” In addition, Jackie describes that one evening she came home and her neighbor had a kit in her basement tattooing someone. So, as someone who was inquisitive, she decided to give herself a tattoo on her forearm! The tattoo is still there and will remain as a constant reminder of her progress and to show that with time, hard work, passion, and determination that you can do anything!

14 years later, Jackie is no longer tattooing in her neighbor’s basement and has developed her passion into a working business, evolved as an artist, and established her own style! Her current project is pouring her skills, lessons, and knowledge into other women and creating a girl gang of amazing artists, with great customer service and even better vibes and energy. Jackie loves being able to work with clients to help them design custom tattoos to commemorate people, places, events, stories, and milestones in their life knowing that her work will forever be seen and appreciated.

At the beginning of 2020 when Jackie was forced to close her shop due to the pandemic, she was hit with financial burdens, the loss of her sister, the added stress of virtual learning for her two daughters, and then concluded the year with the loss of her ex-husband and father of her daughters to colon cancer. In the midst of her own tragedies, Jackie still made it a point to give back to the community by hosting a fundraiser for the NAACP in honor of Juneteenth, when the shop reopened in June.

When Pretty in Ink opened, Jackie decided to combine her passion for artistry and philanthropy to pour back into the community. Not only does her shop host fundraisers for organizations leading the charge for Black lives, every October the shop chooses breast cancer survivors and hosts a day of art offering free post-mastectomy cover-ups.

As a continuation of her philanthropic efforts for March (Women’s History Month), Jackie will be donating $1400 to a woman-owned business located in the Washington Metropolitan area.

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