Inspiring Change Through Art-Moments of Freedom

Shevaré is a multifaceted artist and educator who explores the overlap of visual art and poetry.  Her outlets of artistic expression are 3D mixed media collage paired with poetic dialogue.  She believes that poetic story telling paired with animated presentations is a catalyst to spark conversation, share history, and increase creative approaches to language arts.

Ever since childhood Shevare’s parents would encourage her to express her creativity.  This led her to study Fashion Design at Philadelphia University.  Being quite imaginative she began to make wearable art and large hair pieces for hair shows. 

Her dedication to remain creative has led to many opportunities: 

International Fashion Weeks

Present and exhibit at Museums- St. Louis Art Museum and The Charles Wright Museum

Travel and work backstage at top hair shows nationwide

Meet and connect with fashion students from around the country

Teach fashion design and marketing at the collegiate level

In 2020, our world is at odds, more now than ever before. With recent events that are happening across the nation, it seems there’s no end, and no hope for change – that is, until Moments of Freedom.

Moments of Freedom is a compilation of spoken word, mixed media collage, and digital art that captures the brief periods of time that freedom is experienced, while being reminded that it is indeed a moment of freedom. Representing a collection of pieces by Perry, including 30+2 and The Adventures of Wynk, the collection is a tool to help people understand the impact of events that have recently happened in the Black community – a message by Shevaré that’s meant to create conversation, give strength, and inspire change.

Shevaré Perry’s work has been captured in galleries and museums around the country, such as the Saint Louis Art Museum, the Charles Wright Museum, & ARC Gallery in Chicago.

“I feel most free while creating. Creativity is my outlet to get out bottled emotions and ideas. During the pandemic I started jumping rope. It has been a way to escape the reality, through each jump, swing of the rope and learning new rhythms I feel ultimate bliss…then it’s back to reality as soon as I cut on the news, check social media, etc…”

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