Indigo Mateo Is The Main Character On Eclectic Sophomore Album

Artist, culture-worker, and aries storyteller Indigo Mateo delivers her sophomore album, Singleplayer — showcasing breakup bops, rap anthems and highlighting her all around main character energy. This multidimensional alt-pop album is set in a video game world where Indigo plays with soulful melodies and rap to tell her truth and unlock the levels within herself. Indigo Mateo is symbolically taking back the controller through her vibrant lyrics and vocals throughout Singleplayer. The 11-track album, co-produced and written with producer/abolitionist Richie Reseda, is a healing collection of records made to dance, cry, sing, and connect with.

“My album is about the characters that I play to both cope and thrive in my life. Sometimes life demands me to be a tender healer, and other times it demands I be a fierce warrior… Each time it requires me to be the main character. The last few years have been turbulent and rich with lessons for me. Singleplayer is about me owning my losses as well as my wins. I want people to listen to this album and be reminded of their autonomy. Richie [Reseda] and I had so much fun making this project during quarantine, which was essentially us finding joy and release in the midst of great grief.” – Indigo Mateo.

Native to New Jersey, Indigo Mateo is a Puerto Rican, Honduran, Salvadoran American singer-songwriter who feels like a real life cartoon character. While visiting and meeting producer, Richie Reseda in Soledad prison in 2017, Indigo performed her song “Praise the Lorde” and was signed to the social impact record label,Question Culture, on the spot. After the production of her first album, Intuition, executive produced by Richie Reseda, Indigo was offered and accepted the opportunity to co-own the label in 2019.

Alongside Aloe Blacc and Vic Mensa, Indigo contributed to the Defund the Sheriff album released in 2020 with her melodious and thoughtful song “Here Rn.Recently her latest single “YQYG” hit 1.5 million plays on TikTok. Across the states, Indigo’s healing songs and laughter are recognized, especially in New York, New Jersey and California. In 2018, she opened the MLK Day Parade in LA, and her art and activism has appeared on AfroPunk’s Solution Session Panel, as well as i-D Magazine. She’s been a featured performer in Newark and Oakland-based venues and has built a dedicated base. Intuition, her first album, has garnered over 10,000 plays and her original music has been featured in films and productions in the Bay Area as well as podcasts based in SoCal and New York. She is also founder of Soul Showers, a space for those who’ve experienced sexual violence to cleanse shame and “heal in the sun.”

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