From Vet Tech To Self-Made R&B Star, 3Breezy Releases “Love Hurts”

3Breezy was born to be a shoulder to lean on. Gifted with a reassuring baritone and the empathy of someone who listens more than he speaks, he colors in tales of heartbreak and healing with smoky melodies and wide-eyed sincerity, creating optimistic anthems for lost souls in search of happy endings. Within two years of his first self-released, self-recorded record, 3Breezy has amassed nearly 27 million streams in the U.S. alone.

Raised in Pennsauken Township, New Jersey, he grew up surrounded by sisters and aunts and did a lot of listening, which has toned his ability to look at love from both a man and woman’s perspective. Looking at life through all points of view, 3Breezy grew up surrounded by sisters and aunts, a loner who did a lot of listening.

Before Covid he’d gotten his certification and was ready to start life as a veterinarian technician: “I love working with animals and also realized I didn’t like working with people.” But then, the pandemic. One rainy day, after playing video games got old, Breezy noticed a TikTok user who said he’d recorded a song through his phone. After checking out the song and deciding it sounded pretty good, he downloaded GarageBand to his phone and thought maybe he could do this fulltime.

By 2021, Breezy got his answer when he signed to Capitol Records and released Murda She Wrote, which, it should be said, he recorded entirely through his iPhone. He’s only been making music for around a year, but he already has a growing legion of fans ensnared by his crooning, hazy confessionals, and uplifting aphorisms.

3Breezy is not afraid to veer from the boasting and to instead embrace his sensitivity, and he’s only doubled down on his emotional explorations, which he’ll surely continue to do as Breezy prepares his new project, Catch a Breeze.

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