Fresh Off Their Winning Streak On Netflix Series Sugar Rush Holiday, These Two Sisters Are Trailblazing Within The Dessert & Catering Industry

Do you remember the exhilarating sugar rush after eating your favorite sweets instead of candy or dessert? The sugar rush can last an hour yet feel so quick, kind of similar to the hit Netflix series Sugar Rush. With the Sugar Rush Collection, audiences can indulge their time rooting for their favorite contestants on Sugar Rush Extra Sweet, Sugar Rush Christmas, and Sugar High. Without even tasting the delicacies, audience members, at home and in-person alike, still feel the same rush of excitement and a sense of anxiousness. Each series’s success has bred an accumulative of seasons and has highlighted talented chefs worldwide – Shey Ni Chez Catering Services is one of those chefs.

The Brooklyn executive chef of Shey Ni Chez Catering Services, Sheyna Laidley, showcased her
baking skills alongside her older sister Shari on season 2 of the first episode of Sugar Rush Christmas. With raving reviews of the perfection of the cupcakes in just the first round spoke to the baking company’s excellence and diligence exudes. The precise complementary flavors of
each dessert ultimately led to their success as winners of the Sugar Rush Christmas. The accomplishments spoke to the hard work the ladies put in to ensure Shey Ni Chez Catering Services was well represented on screen.

Becoming season 2, episode 1, winners of Sugar Rush Christmas spotlighted Shey Ni Chez
Catering Services as the most sought out for specialty cakes. However, the company’s extensive menu allows purchasers an opportunity to browse an array of specialty and decadent delicacies that satisfies every tastebud. With various flavors to select, a customized sweet will for sure take your event or personal indulgence to another level that you’d forget it’s catered.

If you’re seeking a great addition to the dessert table this year, then connecting with Shey Ni Chez Catering Services will take away all of your worries as they cater to your need for decadent delicacies until the point that you wouldn’t want to bake ever again. It’s not just catering when it’s baked in love, making you feel like you’re in your family’s kitchen reminiscing about the good old days.

They live by the motto, “Looks good, tastes Better,” ensuring customers that they not only will receive a decadent sweet that is an excellent look for the pictures but will be enjoyable as well, unlike some specialty cakes ordered. When you allow them to cater, you get that and more. Find out here

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