Founder of SiS Academy, Elayne Fluker Says “Support Is Sexy”

Prior to the pandemic, Black-women-owned businesses were growing at unprecedented rates yet still making less revenue than their counterparts. In fact, according to last year’s State of Women-Owned Business report, commissioned by American Express, Black, women entrepreneurs were founding 763 new businesses every day – making them the fastest growing entrepreneur group in America. Yet, they still do not have equal access to the resources they need to grow and be successful.

Elayne Fluker, Founder of SiS Academy – an online learning platform providing education to support Black women entrepreneurs is a recipient of the inaugural AMEX “100 for 100” program, which in addition to a grant of $25,000 and 100 days of business resources, she will receive business education, mentorship, marketing, virtual networking, WorkSpaces by Hilton hotel reservation credits and more.

American Express created this program in partnership with IFundWomen of Color, the leading platform for women of color to raise capital, to support Black women entrepreneurs as they work to jump start and grow their business ventures. The initiative is part of American Express’ recently announced $1 billion action plan to enhance diverse representation and promote equal opportunities for its colleagues, customers and communities.

“Black women are the fastest growing segment of entrepreneurs in the U.S. — but still often the most underserved and least supported with everything from resources to funding — I decided to have a curriculum that catered to our needs as women, as Black women and as entrepreneurs. Thus, SiS Academy was born,” states Fluker.

This spring Harper Collins Leadership will publish Elayne’s debut book, Get Over ‘I Got It’: How to Stop Playing Superwomen, Get Support and Remember that Having it All Doesn’t Mean Doing It Alone.

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