Fitness Expert & Cast Member of “Ready To Love” S3 Tony Stubbs Announces Strategic Partnership With Interval Online Fitness Platform

Tony Stubbs, cast member of OWN TV Network’s “Ready to Love” Season 3 (Last Resort), formally announces his partnership with a new online fitness streaming platform Interval.

Stubbs says, “I am happy to partner with Interval. I choose them because they share many of the same philosophies, principles, and goals as my company, Total Transformation Fitness Movement (TTFM). At TTFM, we believe a one-size-fits-all ZOOM fitness class or session doesn’t work for everyone. With that in mind, Interval’s innovative interactive platform is accessible at any time from any place and strives to help subscribers reach achievable workout targets.

The choice is left up to you when, where, and how you work out (live or on-demand). As a personal trainer, setting, obtaining, and maintaining goals are essential to my clients and me. I like that with Interval attendees can come as they are and take full advantage of a virtual gym. I believe clients will enjoy the option of being able to share their videos with friends, family, do a one-on-one session with me, or turn the video completely off and listen as we exercise.” Stubbs goes on to say, “Interval’s powerful technology is second to none.

The clarity and quality of the videos coupled with the option of adjusting the music to accommodate their preference without missing out on the instructor’s commands are like no other online exercise platform available.” During these sessions, subscribers can use their own equipment, or in some cases, equipment is not needed.

Early feedback from subscribers is Interval has the best live streaming exercise program on the internet. For more information, contact Tony Stubbs at

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