Fergie Baby Drops Anticipated Video “ Steve-O”

After the release of his debut mixtape, “Are You Dum Vol. 1” three years ago, Harlem’s own Fergie Baby drop one of the hottest song on his catalog. Fergie Baby and Borleone came together and created a masterpiece.

For this video Fergie Baby presented versatility in all of his scenes. He even had some of New York’s hottest journalists to join the fun. Kay Dott CEO of Urban News plays the role of an angry girlfriend. While music journalist Regina Cho cruises through the city with Fergie and friends to enjoy his tunes!

2021 Fergie Baby is applying that pressure. Highly anticipated “Are You Dum Vol. 2″mixtape is dropping in the spring; until then make sure you tune into “Steve-O”.

Check out his new video below.

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