Emanny Returns With Brand New Single ‘Just A Phase’

One of R&B’s finest and most cherished artists, Emanny is back on the scene with his brand new single titled, “Just A Phase”.

Produced by longtime friend and collaborator Karon Graham, the track follows the release of Emanny’s recent track, “In Too Deep”, and is a reminder as to why Emanny will forever remain as a top contender within the R&B genre.

When you combine the smooth and sultry tones from producer Karon Graham, with the passionate and vibrant energy from Emanny, you get one hot and steamy track that is sure to provide the mood for any R&B and soul lover alike.

“I feel like most of my music in the past has always embodied a dark or very sexual vibe, and I wanted to present a different feel, bounce, and delivery this time around; still R&B, but also capable of existing in the pop world as well, Emanny says.”

Check out Emanny new single “Just A Phrase” below.

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