Elizabeth Davis: The Engineer Who Transformed Her Hair Care Company Into A Multi-Million Dollar Empire

Elizabeth Davis left her career as a construction engineer to create the multimillion dollar hair-care empire, Shedavi. She designed the company to provide natural, botanically-based holistic hair, skin and nail products to women, men and children of all hair types around the world.

Working as a project manager, Davis was constantly making hair remedies and nding the best methods for growing her hair long in her spare time (what does this have to do with working as a project manager?). Family and friends loved the products she concocted in her kitchen and she eventually decided to turn her passion into reality. She would start on Shedavi at 4am, work at her day job, then continue to burn the midnight oil. Davis continued working in construction while perfecting her products for a year before launching in 2016.

Within the first year, Davis luxury hair care brand grew to a seven-figure and its business page has reached over 65,000 supporters on Instagram. Davis built her company by embracing her personal passions and using all of her talents to market smart while creating a team of freelancers.

After years of experimenting with natural remedies for beauty, Davis was able to share her passion for hair care and veganism with every sustainably packaged and carefully sourced ingredient. Fast forward to today, Shedavi focuses on helping customers create a wellness lifestyle that inspires simplicity, consistency and transformation from the inside out with high-quality products and communities such as The SheHive Facebook group.

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