Dr. Beryl Greywoode: Beauty Is Power And Equality Is About Power

A woman is a fierce, stunning, intelligent being and she deserves to look and feel the same!

Born in West Africa, Dr. Beryl Greywoode has an unparalleled devotion for serving women and children globally. A pediatrician by initial trade, Dr. Greywoode has since specialized in Aesthetic Medicine devoting herself to becoming a skilled and refined expert in facial botox, Juvѐderm fillers, and micro-needling.

“God has giving me the wisdom and knowledge to curate a space that allows women to purge negative dictions about cosmetic procedures and embrace their desire to enhance their natural beauty. My goal is to offer women an opportunity to pause and chose themselves, give them permission to spend and invest in themselves and reclaim their narrative and right to glow,” said Dr. Greywoode.

One of Dr. Greywoode favorite quotes by Megan Markle is “You can be a woman who wants to look good and still stand up for the equality of women”

Throughout her career Dr. Greywoode has lived and studied abroad in Europe, Africa, and South America, and through these experiences has come to understand one simple truth; women at all stages of life form the backbone of any society . Be it in their homes, the work place, or pursuing a dream, wherever you find women you will find power and grace. It is this discovery that lead Dr. Greywoode to start b.Hush. For Dr. Greywoode, b.Hush exists to highlight a woman’s right to feel empowered through reclaiming the narrative on her appearance. “The right to be confident in owning your glow IS part of equality,” says Dr. Greywoode and she wants b.Hush to be the place where any woman can claim her right to do so.

For Dr. Greywoode, this mission is incredibly personal. “There I was, pregnant with my THIRD baby in THREE years, mentally, physically, and emotionally EXHAUSTED. I stood there staring in the mirror wondering who the woman looking back at me was…and why the hell she was wearing a moo moo. Just a handful of years earlier I was a jet setter, living in Europe traveling the global for my career, independent, fierce, living my best life really…what in the actual hell has happened to me I thought. It was a hard moment, but a necessary one,” Dr. Greywoode expressed.

“In that moment I decided one thing: it’s time to RECLAIM AND OWN MY NARRATIVE! That day I started the journey back to my BEST self, making the investment spiritually, physically, and mentally to enhancing the natural me. Self-care became a priority, especially devoting time to my skin and soon I began to glow. Looking back, though my moment happened unnoticed in the privacy of my home, I realize it was not unique. Countless women have stood with similar thoughts. That’s why I started b. Hush, for women like me who are giving themselves the permission and grace to finally choose and invest in themselves.”

With an amazing powerhouse all female team at b.Hush, Dr. Greywoode’s hope is to ensure and inspire women of every skin color to feel acknowledged and comfortable within their skin.  She wants you to embrace and value the woman in the mirror who stares back at YOU. Dr. Greywoode knows this journey is incredibly personal and honors your confidentiality, hence the name “b.Hush”. Offering discrete beauty, exclusive services, and flawless results you can rest assured  that Dr. Greywoode and her professional team will spend the time and equip you with the knowledge and confidence to reclaim and enhance the best version of YOU

YOU are powerful, YOU are confident and worth the investment, embrace your narrative by choosing YOU.

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