DON RICO Sets The Bar In “GO4T”

The Washington, DC sound is non-existent. Many would describe it as a mash up of trendy vibes from all over. DC native DON RICO has arrived to shatter that approach. He has always been a stellar storyteller, original, hardworking, adaptable, and willing to push the envelope. With such attributes coupled with hunger, comes raising the bar for indie artists everywhere! Don Rico is ready to take his crown and all that he’s coming for!

After a 2-year hiatus, Don Rico came out swinging. His last album “DARWIN: The Darkest Hour”, arranged as an hour-long therapy session, took fans down the melancholy road of his battle with depression. It was only up from there, as “GO4T” is a tale of CONFIDENCE and TRIUMPH – a story of rediscovery and reassurance in himself and his artistry. His catalogue seamlessly tells the story of the quintessential starving artist’s mental and emotional instabilities as they strive for success.

The story embedded in this album gives you a full account of what can consume you in your darker days, as well as what strengthens your passion. The album includes soon to be classic tracks such as TOXIC – showing fans how women play a part in your ups and downs; SPLIT – the constant battle between the rational and irrational YOU; and MISS MY DAWG – a tale of fallen soldiers and an emotional reminder that the violence is NEVER worth the pain.

Albums like this just aren’t made anymore – and the trendy trap and catchy hook artists should be afraid! From the storyline to the punchlines to the melodic yet energetic beat selection, this proves that there’s a future in Hip-Hop. The GO4T, Don Rico, brought real music back!

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