Derron Jones Music Plays For The Soul

What began as a dream turned into a reality for Derron Jones. The Houston native appeared over zoom wearing a black hoodie sitting comfortably inside of his room. Before the interview started, we spoke about the winter storm that left Texans and Mississippians without power or water for a few days.

While I prepared to introduce “Guest Who’s In The Building?” I asked Derron how to pronounce his name correctly. We laughed over how people would refer to his name’s pronunciation to Beyoncé’s first clothing line, “House of Deréon.”

Jones follows in the blueprint of a few of his inspirations from J. Cole to the late Nipsey Hussle, who shared how his death affected him. “I didn’t believe it,” said Jones. “I thought it was fake. Sometimes when a rapper is shot, the news will say they were taken to a hospital in hopes of recovering. However, that didn’t happen with Nip.”

As we dive more in-depth into the conversation, Derron discusses growing up in Houston, being acknowledged by The Game, and more on “Guest Who’s In The Building?”

Watch the full interview below.

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