DeBlair Tate Says Be Stronger Than Your Excuses

DeBlair Tate began training for her first fitness competition in 2006 and hit the stage in April of 2007 where she placed 4th out of 32 in the nationally recognized Supernatural Bodybuilding and Fitness Competition. She later competed in another show where she placed 1st overall thus allowing me to compete world-wide in a Pro-Status, an accomplishment that may take many years to reach for some. From then, DeBlair competed in shows where she won many titles and awards. DeBlair was Miss Georgia Fitness two years in a row.

Fitness modeling centers on displaying an athletic physique. Fitness models usually have the defined muscles of bodybuilders, but with less emphasis on muscle size in favor of lean muscle tone. Bodyweight is usually similar to (or heavier than) fashion models, but we have a lower body fat percentage due to increased muscle mass and reduced fat mass. Fitness models go to exceptional lengths to look their best. She spends hours in the gym, eats only the healthiest foods, and stays away from drugs and alcohol.

After almost 15 years in the game, DeBlair has created a lane for herself, celebrity trainer and coach, nutritionist, First Sergeant and Instructor in the US Air Force, an active member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., and Vice President of her motorcycle club, LaFemme TTG, MC. However, she felt it was time to branch out and embark on a new journey in the world of health and fitness—creating the fitness apparel brand, 8Figured.

With a primary focus on health, wellness, and making people feel confident about who they are, and how they treat themselves, DeBlair’s goal is for those she encounters to reach a place of wholeness—mind, body, and soul. Her passion centers on helping others break through barriers and fully realize their ability to live happy, healthy, and successful lives.

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