Coach Debuts Their Fall 2021 Collection featuring “Thee Black Regina George” Megan Thee Stallion

Coach Forever Season 2 presentation is here! As a part of the CFDA’s first-ever American Collection Calendar, Coach’s Creative Director Stuart Vevers tapped in with a few of his personal celebrity friends, including the Houston hottie Megan Thee Stallion to model the new collection.

On Tuesday (February 23), the brand showcased the collection on “Coach Tv,” a mixture of referencing pop culture and skits starring Megan Thee Stallion playing Regina George from the film, Mean Girls. “Each of her dogs has its bedroom,” one describes, while another shared, “Her nails are so long, she accidentally gouged my eye out. And it was awesome!” The Grammy-nominated rapper twerking on a football field wearing a matching signature monogram jacket and skirt set with socks and shoes to complete her look. 

“I have always loved exploring the intersection of fashion and pop culture at Coach,” said Vevers in an official statement. “I am excited to bring my latest vision for the house to life via ‘Coach TV.’ I wanted both the collection and the presentation to make sense and resonate in these unique times, and I am excited to share both in a way that I hope will entertain and inspire.”

In 2019, Megan made her first fashion campaign deal in Coach’s Winter Collection and returned in 2020 to be a part of their “Holiday Is Where You Find It” campaign, which champions optimism in today’s world. The “Good News” rapper shared her experience working the fashion brand in an interview with VMagazine, “I’ve always loved and respected Coach as a brand with such heritage in Hip-Hop. So, when the opportunity came up, I was really happy, and the partnership happened very organically for everyone.”

Watch the 11-minute Coach Forever Season Two film below. 

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