Christopher B. Duncan Shares Where He And His Wife Spent Their First Christmas

Have you ever been in a CHRISTMAS DILEMMA? Imagine you and you’re newlywed wife follows a struggle to decide which set of in-laws you should join for your first Christmas. After both of you pleads your case and even attempts a little trickery, you just can’t decide to bypass the guaranteed disappointment of picking one family over the other.

However, both sides of your family shows up to your house unexpectedly. Drama ensues as the in-laws clash, long-lost relatives decide to make an appearance, and even your grandmother joins the holiday festivities accompanied her caretaker who just happens to be your gorgeous ex-girlfriend.

The new comedy stars BJ Britt, Brittany Hall,
Carl Anthony Payne II, and Christopher B. Duncan. Directed by Essence Atkins, who had the opportunity to collaborate with TV One once again to direct her first movie.

Driune Santana had the opportunity to speak with “Black Lighting” cast member Christopher B. Duncan about who he and his wife spent their first Christmas with.

Duncan plays the role of Howard on TV One’s new original film Christmas Dilemma, which is set to air on Sunday, December 6th at 7PM.

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