CEO Noelle Randall Is One The Top Leading Women In Real Estate

Noelle Randall is all about growth! She has been a thriving entrepreneur for over 20 years and is a successful real estate entrepreneur, renowned children’s author, mentor, and speaker. Her real estate experience has been instrumental in her personal success, as well as, the success of countless professionals throughout the United States.

As CEO of Noelle Randall Coaching, Noelle offers business opportunities for other entrepreneurs, allowing hundreds to create wealth and financial independence through her mentorship. She has also created the opportunity to become an owner of properties across the country and obtain passive income with her company Nuurez Inc.

Through her work in Nuurez, Noelle is taking the home-sharing economy to the next level! She is also the Executive Director of the Marley Simms Foundation, a public non-profit organization dedicated to promoting children’s literacy and whose mission is to advance the diversity of thought in children by providing access and awareness to books from diverse authors and discuss diverse topics.

Noelle is the founder and president of FDR Horizon Enterprises, a private real estate equity firm and brand manager. The company owns a diverse portfolio of real estate and has created numerous profitable and top-selling brands, including her signature product Tea More Skinny ( Noelle is the co-founder of Bella J Hair ( the premier virgin hair extension brand and international hair and wig distributor.

In addition to being a tenacious entrepreneur and businesswoman, Noelle considers herself a perpetual student, always learning and growing. Noelle proudly boasts two advanced degrees. She earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of Connecticut in Urban Planning. She has a Master’s degree in Economic Development from Penn State and most recently earned a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) from Baylor University.

She recently just raised over $1.2 million dollars for her company Nuurez, Inc. — a next generation real estate company that has developed an innovative investment opportunity that has been endorsed by Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington.

“Nuurez is a next generation real estate company. Our main focus is short term rentals,” said Randall. “We are acquiring properties through buying them, leasing them, and/or controlled properties that we can start to cash flow. The company is well-funded and acquiring properties — from small garden apartments to multi-family homes, and motels — on a massive scale. We already have properties in Florida, Georgia, Texas and across the United States as a part of this new venture.”

Nuurez is the first ever real estate company to combine home-sharing, temporary home rentals and real estate investing all into one business model. A Nuurez rental property can be listed on Airbnb or any of the myriad of other similar websites by the Nuurez renter (primarily Millennials), allowing them to earn income, even though they do not own the property. Nuurez also works with its own investors (Affiliate Investors) who wish to provide their homes or properties for home-sharing. Nuurez will manage these properties and rent them on a priority basis to generate income for the Affiliate.

Outside of Nuurez, Noelle generated over $2 million in profits for her company last year, acquired and managed over 20+ rental properties in her personal portfolio, has a Youtube following of 261,000 subscribers, and recently released her new book, “Real Estate Millionaire Secrets”.

Noelle is also the proud mother of seven children, to whom she credits as her inspiration for every endeavor.

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