Celebrity Diamond 305 Owner, Daniel Gottfried, Is A Jack of All Trades

Born and raised in Israel, but resides in Miami, Daniel Gottfried is a business owner, entrepreneur, and actor who has made a name for himself in the jewelry and acting industry.

Upon graduating highschool and moving back to Israel to join the Israeli Army, Gottfried found himself attending Tel Aviv University, “I studied sports management/business and sports medicine and later attended the University of Central Florida (UCF) and studied business and acting at class act studios”, says Gottfried. I studied in the Israeli Diamond exchange, in ramat gan. Worked with Maccabi Tel Aviv.

After graduating from UCF Gottfried decided to create his own wholesale jewelry business called Celebrity Diamonds 305. “I work as a wholesale jeweler. My jewelry business is in the family. My parents have been in the jewelry business for the last 20 years”, says Gottfried. Going into business with his mother Gottfried was able to continue the tradition of wholesale jewelry design.“I started my business with my mom to save people thousands of dollars on wholesale instead of retail”, says Gottfried. Working with multiple different NBA athletes and celebrities, Gottfried has created a household name designed to help others save thousands on jewelry.

The concept behind the name Celebrity Diamond 305 is simple and to the point for Gottfried. “One day I just woke up and it clicked Celebrity Diamonds 305. 305 is a big area code in Miami and if celebrities see the name they’ll know”, says Gottfired. Many celebrities have already copped a new piece from Celebrity Diamond 305. “I made a lot of custom pieces for different NBA players, dwyane wade, Udonis Haslem, and so many more”, says Gottfried. Knowing that the area code 305 is very recognizable Gottfried used that knowledge to name his business. “There’s a lot of celebrities that live in Miami, 305 everyone knows what is, artists like Rick Ross and DJ Khalid that would see Celebrity Diamond 305 and know its the best”, says Gottfried.

Acting is another industry that Gottfried has been successful excelling and advancing in. “Acting I do it because I love it and have a passion for it”, says Gottfried. Since taking acting classes at UCF Gottfried has always been drawn to becoming an actor and making a difference. “With acting I want to create change for more people”, says Gottfried. Gottfried has had a couple different roles and parts since stepping into the acting world. Gottfried is inspired by so many great actors such as Gabrielle Union, Brie Larson, Galgadot, Kevin Hart, Robert Downey Jr., and Adam Sandler. Eventually wanting to further his career Gottfried is getting a manager. “I’m getting a manager and growing slowly into having a successful acting career resulting in winning an oscar”, says Gottfried. Continuing to advance Gottfried has created a name for himself on multiple different acting, cast, and creative professional platforms such as IMDB Pro, Actors Access, Mandy, and Casting networks.

While in the midst of being an actor, jewelry designer, and so much more Gottfried always finds time to give back to the people in his community. “Helping people and giving back to the community like reading books to kids at different schools in the community, says Gottfried. Finding a passion for helping the youth Gottfried found himself coaching an AAU basketball team. “I used to be an AAU basketball coach for TNBA South”, says Gottfried. This is one of his greatest accomplishments in life. “I love giving back to the community and giving to charities like autism awareness and kids cancer”, says Gottfried.

Future goals for his jewelry business are to build his website for the brand Celebrity Diamonds 305. “My goals for my jewelry business is to continue to save people thousands of dollars on jewelry”, says Gottfried. Also to build more relationships with clientele and work with more NBA players. Gottfried is currently working on different projects to propel his jewelry business and acting career. “Building a website for my jewelry business and expanding my brand”, says Gotffried. Also creating some promotions with one of his celebrity clientele and opening a production company and studio is a big goal for Gottfried.

On the acting side Gottfried has been working on short films. “I’ve done a tv series on amazon prime called Ultimate Invasion in which I play an FBI agent that’s coming out soon. As well a feature film coming out in theaters called, Mob King 2”, says Gottfried.

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