Boslen Releases Intimate Video For Punk-Pop Anthem “Deny”

Rising Vancouver hip-hop experimenter Boslen returns today with a video for his recent boundary-pushing single, “DENY.” Watch here. The track, which features Los Angeles artist Tyla Yaweh, is a painful and stern introspection on denial and its visual depicts the emotional complexities of a relationship gone astray.

Directed by Bailey Wood and Natasha Dion, the video finds Boslen surveying a raucous house party, frozen in time. He moves through the crowd, observing the split-second decisions that can make or break relationships. The lyrics hit especially hard as Boslen works his way through a group of people he can’t interact with. “How did I go wrong?” he croons. “You was on the run, I was left by myself.” The allure and temptations of party life are amusing, but all those fun distractions can’t mend a broken heart, as the clip’s ending shows.

The video is the second part of a series—a thoughtful counterbalance to the debauchery seen in “TRIP.” Boslen says the story is close to his heart and grounded in real life. “In the video, I reflect on my experiences from the night before, which brings me to discover a betrayal I never imagined was possible,” he says. “This story is based on a real relationship which inspired ‘DENY.’ Something I once thought was the best thing for me ended up being the worst.”

“DENY” is the latest taste from Boslen’s debut album DUSK to DAWN. This new project is his first since 2019’s Black Lotus EP, which peaked at #11 on the Canadian Apple Music streaming charts. He’s been hard at work since, releasing a slew of singles in 2020, including “Hidden Nights,” “Lightspeed,” and “My Ways,” which showed just how much he’s been refining his style and expanding his scope. This new album is poised to accelerate his eclectic sound even further, moving fluidly from genre to genre powered by Boslen’s Swiss-Army-knife delivery. With a vision this focused, and hits like “TRIP” and “DENY” in the bag, Boslen has already proven himself worth following closely. Each release offers something truly brand new. 

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