Big Flock Talks About His Single “Ceaser Salad,” Diddy Gang, & More

Big Flock is the heart, mind, body, and soul of Maryland and especially when you think about rap music. Born in Camp Springs, MD, Big Flock started rapping at the age of  by using a tape recorder to record his first few rap songs. Late 2016 he dropped “The Great Depression” featuring 21 Savage and Hoodrich Pablo Juan. It was such a success that the project was praised by Source, Karen Civil, The Fader, and varies of publications in the industry. Recently, Flock released his new single “Caesar Salad” and shared with the process behind creating the song alongside the culture in the DMV.

Q: Tell us about your new single “Caesar Salad“?

A: When I got the beat that was the name title of the beat. So when I recorded it they just left it like that. So when they send the files to me, the title of beat with “Caesar Salad.” They were telling me to change it to “Old Flock” and I’m like no. Its raw! I’m giving raw, so I’m leaving it like that. I don’t even eat salad!

Q: How would you describe the culture of the Washington Metropolitan region (DMV)?

A: I can’t really explain it. In my area, we just grew up in the trenches.

Q: Describe Diddy Gang and how has it impacted not only your music, but your life?

A: My life, it was my best friend, my brother. When he passed away it was just Diddy Gang before music had anything to do with it. Musically, it’s not only my brother’s name and legacy, now it’s a brand and a business. It all works out for each other. At the same time, by me praising my brother’s name, I’m putting positivity behind it.

Q: The Great Depression was an underground classic in many industry critics’ eyes, what’s your favorite song from it? How did the feature with 21 Savage happen?

A: It would have the be the one with 21 Savage.  I had a show at the same place as him. I was supposed to go on before him and someone had got into with the promoters. After the whole situation happen, Savage told me to send him the song. Matter a fact, we went to the studio the same night and recorded the song.

Listen to the full Big Flock interview below.

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