Toronto’s Joyia Is A Vision
In Ethereal Music Video For Single “Water”

With a heavy focus on vocals and songwriting, the multi-talented Toronto, Canada singer, songwriter, producer and DJ Joyia leads the creative vision for all her records. Fans of the songstress strongly connect with the personal stories she shares through music as she writes with true sincerity and vulnerability. Joyiahas received support from major outlets like CBC Radio in Canada, Reprezent Radio in the UK, Complex, Sidewalk Hustle, Exclaim Magazine and more.

Joyia began producing electronic music and DJing at age 16 after attending her first Swedish House Mafia concert. She later went on to DJ her first show at once legendary club The Guvernment at age 18. Learning the fundamental elements of production in her teens, the young multi-hyphenate has since refined her musical style and evolved her sound, returning to her early soul, jazz, and R&B influences.

“Sometimes I reflect on all of the things and people I’ve been blessed with in life and I think to myself, there has to be something up there – no matter who or what you believe in. “Water” is a reflection of that; me asking for guidance at a time when I was just very unsure of myself, and me just allowing myself to be open and vulnerable to exploring that side of my upbringing through my art.” – Joyia

Joyia explains that writing “Water” was almost like a spiritual experience for her in itself. She had written the song in 10 minutes at her piano after years of feeling stuck. “The song just felt like it flowed out of me. After years of putting songwriting on a back-burner and feeling like I had lost it, I wrote “Water” and I felt like I had found my place again; like I knew this was exactly where I was supposed to be.”

She first began her musical journey at age six singing in her church choir and she credits that for her lifelong love of music. Religion is just one of the many themes on her forthcoming EP Baptism, slated for release later this year. The project embodies self-discovery through exploration of the themes and events that shaped who she has become, telling the story of her life thus far. Sonically, it’s a return to her roots of old R&B, soul, jazz and bossa nova that she loved as a young girl blended with her later technical expertise in electronic music. The unique combination of influences breeds a new more acoustic-leaning sound that is pushing the envelope for Toronto R&B and beyond.

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