OBN Dev Talks About His New EP “Fraud Files”, Beef With TeeJayx6, & More

The Lexington, Kentucky native OBN Dev gained fame as a highly popular gamer that turned music into his passion with a scamming blueprint of catchy lyrics. The six-song EP features production by OBN DEV, One Genesis, and CashmoneyAP, and a feature by fellow scam rapper Detroit’s BabyTron on “Scam Legends.”

The producer, songwriter, rapper gives you a rundown on how to outsmart internet security through his smooth versus aggressive lyrics. At the same time, his infectious choruses will live in your head long after the song ended.

After years of plotting and informal recording, OBN DEV moved from big dreams of rap stardom to authentic celebrity status through gaming. Equally excited about both rapping and gaming and his aspirations to be a YouTube star. In 2019, with “Track Meet,” he scored his first rap hit under his gaming moniker DEVTAKEFLIGHT. The song garnered over 3.2 million combined views. Excited about his trajectory OBN Dev released a steady flow of viral singles over the past year.

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